In response to Coronavirus/COVID-19, Brandeis has moved all classes online and most undergraduates who were living on campus have now moved out. See the latest information and updates.

Student remote learning

How to teach about the coronavirus

A new study guide by professor of biology Melissa Kosinski-Collins and her colleagues offers a remote-learning approach for high school and college students.

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Not so random acts of kindness and expressions of thanks

Screenshots of zoom calls

The last few weeks haven’t been easy, but along the way Brandeisians have shown kindness and generosity. Here are a few examples, submitted by individuals via email or social media. More »

How are college students coping with the stress of coronavirus?

Illustration of a stressed college student sitting on floor.

A Brandeis psychology professor and her lab are studying how students are coping with the unprecedented stress that the COVID-19 pandemic presents.  More »

Barre none: Lainey Solomon ’22 leads online workouts for Brandeis community

a barre workout

Brandeis athletics launches online exercise classes to help the campus community stay in shape while at home.  More »

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