Justice Brandeis Semester - Summer 2019

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The Justice Brandeis Semester

So much more than college credit.
Experience that matters.

Want to prepare for a life of leadership? Gain distinctive skills and insights that will shape and enrich your future? Collaborate with world-class faculty and other students on exciting, impactful real-world projects? Network with experts in your field?

Consider the possibilities of a Justice Brandeis Semester.

JBS is your bridge from the classroom to the boardroom, the laboratory, the newsroom, the theater, the studio, and a wide range of settings throughout greater Boston where people are working together to make a difference.

Choose one of several intensive 9- or 10-week programs combining thematically linked courses, internships, field-based research experiences, creative work, and community engagement opportunities – all designed to help you delve deeply into a specific area of inquiry.

You'll immerse in academic inquiry and experiential learning experiences that allow you to think deeply and act decisively for both personal growth and the common good. You'll apply what you've learned so far and identify new opportunities for exploration. You'll work closely with professors, other students, and professionals in an array of fields to address critical issues and challenges.

You may find your life's work, discover a new passion, or experience a game-changing shift in perspective. You may discover the seeds of your senior thesis and begin decades of future research. And you'll do it all in the context of our shared commitment to global engagement and social justice.

Each JBS course carries academic credit
Check course descriptions for details. 

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